Is your YTE® from Norway? What's the difference between YTE® and Young Tissue Extract or Youth Tissue Extract?

We are often asked if we use genuine YTE® from Norway.

The answer is always, yes, we only use genuine Norwegian YTE® which we import into the USA and also to Germany direct from Norway, as a single ingredient.

YTE® is a rare ingredient with many protocols concerning it's correct usage. That's why most supplement manufacturers do not use it.

There are very strict rules concerning how it can be imported and used, which is why we manufacture both in the USA for our American customers and wholesalers and also manufacture in Germany for our UK, European and international customers.

We buy regularly to make sure you get only the freshest, highest quality YTE® direct from Norway.

We take this fresh YTE® and manufacture our AminoBoosters and AminoPure+ in the USA, in a top cGMP factory in California, and also in an ISO factory in Germany. We are very particular where we manufacture: both factories have very high standards and we have just seen the latest audit results by a stringent third party inspection process, where the facility gained high praise.

You may have noticed that we only use the right dose of genuine ingredients, so rest assured that our AminoBoosters and AminoPure+ use the full amounts of YTE® as used in all the clinical trials.

Only YTE® is genuine Norwegian Fertilized Incubated Egg Product containing all 22 Amino Acids in the right balance.

The terms "Young Tissue Extract" and "Youth Tissue Extract" are essentially meaningless because these are generic descriptive words which cannot be trademarked or patented. Anyone can say anything contains Young Tissue Extract or Youth Tissue Extract. It means nothing.

Only YTE® is the genuine ingredient, as used in all the clinical trials and research this century.

Here's another interesting viewpoint from a researcher into this subject:

"Regarding Dr John Davidson's amazing story and the benefits of fertilized incubated avian egg extract, YTE. ***DO YOUR RESEARCH***, as (Young Tissue Extract) is not all the same!

"Make sure you source a product that contains authentic fertilized & incubated avian egg extract from Norway.

"Why? 1. These hens are only required to have 1 vaccination unlike chicks here in the USA that are required by law (FDA, USDA) to have up to 15 vaccinations before then can be commercially sold. Many of these vaccinations in the USA hen eggs are still HOT even after pasteurization!

2. You only want to consume the Norway YTE that is organic, free range, fertilized, and incubated for a full 9-10 days. This insures the highest quality and quantity of live signalling proteins within the YTE -- here you get the most bang for your buck.

3. Eggs in Norway do not have to be pasteurized by heat like in the USA (heat not only destroys the Salmonella within the egg but also destroys the live signalling proteins that are so crucial in cellular communication and the repair/regeneration process. Eggs from Norway do not have to be pasteurized as this country is 100% free of Salmonella contamination.

4. If you are digesting a supplement that is using an Avian Egg Extract, stop and do your research! Only accept and consume Avian Egg Extract that is sourced out of Norway."

We haven't checked about the number of vaccinations required for poultry in the USA but we do know that the USA is NOT free of salmonella in eggs and chickens. 

Norwegian eggs ARE salmonella free.

We do know that ONLY YTE® is the genuine article. 

There is NO point consuming "fertilized avian egg product". You might as well have an egg for breakfast! 

The fertilized eggs MUST be incubated in the patented YTE® process in order to produce YTE®. 

YTE® is a very expensive product. That is why supplement manufacturers do not typically use it. And NONE except Get Your Boom! Back use it in the right dose in our proprietary formulas.

Get Your Boom! Back is not a fancy MLM or pharmaceutical company. We do not require outrageous profit margins to pay for marketing shenanigans or shareholders

It is interesting that in the past, one or two companies have used YTE® and made a big noise about how good it is. Then not said anything when they stopped using it.

When you want to buy YTE® amino acid supplements, buy AminoBoosters and AminoPure from Get Your Boom! Back:

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